Red-tailed hawk

Red-tailed hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) are among the largest of raptors that have adapted fairly well to locations with lots of humans. While they often nest in tall trees, and also hunt from tall trees, they will also use human-made structures for both purposes.  The photo at the left is a view from the back, showing the characteristic red tail, of a hawk that frequents the Cynwyd Heritage Trail.  (The photo was taken late in the day so the colors aren't so great; maybe someone would like to send us a better picture!)

One way to find hawks is to occasionally look up at the tall structures, but you can also pay attention to loud groups of crows, who like to harass hawks.  Often if you watch the crows, you'll find their victim. There are also  other smaller hawks along the trail, including Cooper's hawk, which is more likely to be found in the woods rather than soaring above the trees. Crows will chase them around too.