Planting trees on the Cynwyd Heritage Trail

Celebrating spring and  Earth Day with a classic stewardship activity: 

Planting Trees Together

In April 2021 the Friends of the Cynwyd Trail partnered with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) and their Tree Tender Program to plant trees adjacent to the Cynwyd Heritage Trail.  PHS does a great job of coordinating the planting of hundreds of trees all over our area.  All our trees were planted near Vine Creek, which will benefit from more shade and additional vegetation to hold the creek banks.

More than 50 people worked together in families and friend groups to plant the bare-root trees--thanks so much!  Our job was made much easier by Gene and Henry from Shreiner Tree Care.  They came through on the first morning of the planting and dug all ten holes, so it was much simpler for our friend and family groups to finish preparing the holes and putting in the trees. We also thank Dave, Donna and others from the Lower Merion Parks Department for placing a water tank on the trail in time for us to use in getting the trees the 10 gallons of water per week that they'll need throughout the summer and fall. All the members of the Stewardship Committee pitched in to help--including Michele, Fay, Bill, Sudie, Karen, Harriet and Breanne, who were involved in planning for months.  Two Community Service volunteers, Charlie and Reid, helped to dig holes and haul water for many hours. Debra and Ro coordinated the volunteer efforts.  We are also grateful to Beth Yount, who started us down the PHS Tree Tender pathway nearly six months ago. 

If you would like to be involved in taking care of our new trees, or in future planting events, let us know at

We had perfect spring weather on Friday and Saturday for most of the trees; Sunday was wet in the morning but by afternoon weather was lovely we were able to get in the last of the trees, and even a few extra shrubs.  Take a look at the photos below, which document the fun we all had planting the trees. 

A special tree in a special place

Photo: George Manos

You're never too young to love planting a tree

Photo: Naomi Aronowitz

Finding a beautiful worm

Photo: Fay Wright

Help from the experts

Photo: George Manos

Loading up tools and trees

Photo: George Manos

Filling jugs from the new tank

Photo: Fay Wright

Time out for lunch

Gonna take awhile to get there on this bike!

Plenty of help carrying the tree to its new home

Beautiful family, beautiful tree

A big happy crew heading out

Time out to roll down a hill

Photo: George Manos

Driving in the stakes

Photo: George Manos

Getting ready for the next two groups

Photo: George Manos

Getting the depth right