Milkweed experiment

Many people know that common milkweed (Ascleipias syriaca) is an important resource for monarch butterflies. You may also know that monarch butterfly populations are struggling in many places. Some researchers in Michigan have found that monarch larvae have a higher success rate on younger milkweed plants compared to older tougher plants.  So they are asking for help to see if this holds true in other parts of North America.  The idea is to cut half of the milkweed plants so they regrow young tender foliage. Half of the plants are left as a control treatment.  Then the number of monarch eggs and larvae will be counted on each group of plants.  The patch of milkweed near the cemetery entrance to the trail is the FOCHT study site. For more information or to set up your own site, visit the Regrow Milkweed for Monarchs website. For information about the FOCHT project, go to the Contact Us page for more information.  Be sure to indicate you are interested in the milkweed project. 

Bill Halpin took an awesome video of two monarch butterflies cavorting around the milkweed patch.