Sign of a happy trail

Snakes are among the animals that cause the most consternation among people.  For those concerned about snakes or snake encounters, know that most snakes in Pennsylvania are harmless and very docile.  They will move away from you long before you even know they are nearby.  Of the three venomous snakes reported from the state,  only the Northern Copperhead has been reported from this area and you would be unlikely to see it on the trail

There are actually lots of snakes on the trail although because they are so secretive you may never see one at all.  They are an important part of our local ecosystem.  The watersnakes may eat fish and other aquatic animals, while others help control the population of mice, rats, voles and other rodents.  If you are interested in learning about snakes in our area for any reason, do check out  on the PAHerps site.  It has lots of pictures of the various snakes, as well as maps showing where they have been reported. 

We could use more pictures of snakes on the trail! The one on the left shows a Northern Watersnake, seen and identified by Bill Halpin on July 11.