Logs in the stream

Watch the video to see mallards finding things to eat that have been trapped by the partial dam.

When people see down trees and other woody debris in the stream they may think that it needs to be removed, or that the stream is being neglected.

But actually studies have shown that down wood plays many important roles in keeping streams healthy.  It helps to reduce flooding by slowing down the movement of water.  The pools of slow-moving water created by the log dams are ideal breeding ground for fish, frogs and other wildlife. 

The surface of the logs supports the growth of algae and other organisms that are at the base of the stream food web.

In fact, down wood is so important to stream health that when streams are being restored, logs, trees and other wood are purposely brought into the stream and deposited there. 

You can read more about the benefits of down wood in streams at this Penn State site,