Ask A Dog

Get the latest pulse of the community from some of our most loyal, adorable, and frequent trail users 

February 2024 Question: What's your favorite trail activity? 

Nyx looks forward to sniffing around the free little library for interesting non-fiction. In his free time,  Nyx is working on a memoir, and going on walks unleashes the creative spark in him.

A raconteur at heart, Wookie likes to site at the Barmouth trailhead and tell the tales of his youth. With young people and pups gathered around, he passes on words of wisdom to the next generation. His advice? "Make time to stop and smell. And be true to yourself."

Great advice, Wookie!

Meeting and greeting is Theo's passion. In his day job, he meets people from all walks of life. On the trail, he can't get enough of saying hello, and his daily commute along the trail allows hi to expand his netwoof of friends. Theo cites Will Rogers when he says "a stranget is just a friend I haven't met yet."

Biloxi and brother Winston (off camera) are self-described health good nuts. They enjoy eating the grass next to the trail. Their preference is the tall grass in the gullet, watered by the rain as it flows through the watershed to the Schuykill River. "The worst? Poo piles left behind. Just rude, and it spoils our appetities." We feel ya, Biloxi. 

A former day-time soap star who settled in the area during the pandemic, Romeo enjoys getting out without the paparazzi hounding him 24/7. He loves taking in the scents lilting in the air and staying in shape by walking the trail several days a week. Thanks for acquiescing to this photo, Romeo! Be kind to autograph seekers!

Talley describes herself as a free spirit, and loves sprinting along the trail to express her joy in being alive. Though she agrees that the 6-foot leash rule is best for the dogs, people, and wildlife along the trail, she feels untethered when she and her person run fast together. If you see a blur while you're on the trail, it might be Talley!

A wildlife lover, Ziggy likes to come to the trail at dusk when the crepuscular creatures are their most active. He loves the feel of the gravel beneath his paws, and reported that his evening walks help him blow off steam after a long day at his desk job in central administration.